8 Skin Benefits from a Karin Herzog – Anti Ageing Facial

  1. Involves a cocktail of non buffered active ingredients essential to resurface and retexturize skin
  2. Extremely relaxing facial with lots of massage elements involved – helps mind, body & soul to unwind and skin cells to regenerate
  3. Acupressure point facial massage stimulates blood circulation, improving cellular energy at capillary level – skin cells are more permeable to receive anti ageing vitamins and nutrients
  4. Improves skin barrier function – skins ability to retain hydration and moisture levels for longer
  5. Glycolic Peel – chemical skin exfoliation – boosts skin cell renewal activity – works faster to de-bond and remove surface dead skin cells – skin looks smoother and brighter
  6. Effectively targets skin concerns for acne, pigmentation and ageing
  7. Anti Ageing forumlas stimulate collagen and elastin – skin looks, firmer and more even skin toned
  8. Complexion is re-energised and revitalised with a youthful glow – Skin texture transforms from dull and fatigued to luminous and radiant

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March 16th, 2019|Blog, Karin Herzog|

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