Advanced Facial Technology explained

Confused about advanced technology and system formulas used in beauty treatment rooms lately?? The following Q&A has been put together to help clarify why stepping up to advanced technology can really help to enhance skin results from your facial treatment..

How does Ultrasound work to improve skin?

Ultrasound works by emitting sound waves into skin which create cavities in the cellular layers thus allowing the small molecule peptide nutrients rich formulas to be pushed deeper into the skin for improved absorption.  This process has a skin re-energising effect on skin and triggers new collagen and elastin formation and improved blood circulation has beneficial anti inflammatory effects on the skin for improved texture and tone.

What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency energy is used to repair skin tissue and tighten skin and treat skin ageing concerns such as sagging loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles.  RF energy feeds deep into the sub dermal layer of the skin, generating heat that cause collagen fibres to contract and in effect stimulates production of new collagen and elastin and tightens skin.  *Great for anti ageing however not recommended for red sensitive skin types, diabetic, rosacea, dilated capillaries as the heat generated in the skin from RF may trigger further inflammation.

What does Iontophoresis mean?

Iontophoresis produces an electrical current and when used in conjunction with IonActive serums stimulates facial muscle tissue to lift and tone skin and also make skin cells more permeable to better receive ionized active nutrients being pushed into the skin as far as possible. The IonActive serums selected in treatment treat specific skin concerns such as oily, breakout and acne skin problems, pigmentation, dehydration and crepid skin conditions. *Iontophoresis is NOT suitable for anyone with metal implants, or pacemakers or similar devices.

How does LED Light Therapy benefit skin?

LED Light Therapy emits different coloured infrared lights at different wavelengths which penetrate the skin at different depths and prove beneficial to treat different skin issues such as acne causing bacteria, sagging skin, wrinkles, pigmentation etc.  The most popular use are the Red & Blue.  Blue has a sterilisation effect on the skin beneficial for acne/breakout skin types and the Red LED provides anti ageing benefits for collagen stimulation and general skin revitalising and skin regeneration. *For more detailed information about skin benefits from various coloured LED Light Therapy click on the link here

 What is an Oxygen Hydra Facial?

A Hydra Facial also referred to as Hydra-dermabrasion is a technically advanced facial gentle on skin yet achieves enhanced results within the given time to thoroughly deep cleanse, nourish and rehydrate skin for an improved and healthier skin function.

Aqua vortex vacuum suction via unique spiralized treatment tips is used alongside active chemical peel cleansers to effectively remove surface dead skin cells, excess sebum and extract impurities with little or no trauma caused to the skin.  A stream of high pressurized oxygen infused with moisturising botanicals, vitamins and minerals effectively detoxifies and hydrates skin.  This occurs by the oxygen absorbing the nutrient enriched moisturising agents into the skin thus promoting a dewy healthy skin glow.  In addition and depending on specific skin concerns the use of selected thermal modalities such as Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Iontophoresis and LED Light Therapy are also used in the hydra facial treatment and they provide sub dermal layer moisturising,  skin healing benefits, replenishing skin and restoring skin structure for enhanced hydration and firmer skin.

How is the Oxygen Hydra Facial different to Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion provides a skin resurfacing treatment only (i.e exfoliating only) and also the type of exfoliation is what is known as a ‘Physical’ exfoliation meaning it is an abrasive skin resurfacing mechanical device using fine salts and suction to resurface the skin.

The Hydra Facial provides a full facial treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, extract impurities & hydrate skin.  The exfoliation process is classed as a ‘Chemical’ exfoliation meaning the consistency of the chemical cleansers are not abrasive but are a liquid form of Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic & Salcylic).  These acids combined with the vortex vacuum suction are effective skin brightening and detoxing exfoliators yet very gentle on the skin. Plus the oxygen vitamin-enriched infusion followed by LED Light Therapy and use of electrical thermal modalities make the Oxygen Hydra Facial far more advanced than Microdermabrasion in it’s efforts to provide enhanced resurfaced and replenished skin results in the given time.

Who is an Oxygen Hydra Facial for?
It is great for all skin types to help improve overall skin health and also excellent for the following:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Elasticity and Firmness
  • Skin Tone Evenness and Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Hyperpigmentation/Photo Damage
  • Oily/Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Advanced Signs of Aging

What are the Pros of an Oxygen Hydra Facial?

  • It’s a more targeted results-driven facial
  • Less time required to achieve better results for clearer, brighter, smoother skin
  • Achieves deep cleanse and elevated hydration levels and healthier skin after just one treatment
  • Painless vortex vacuum suction extraction compared to painful manual extractions
  • Aqua vortex suction coupled with active hydroxy cleansers gently and more effectively resurface skin without cause for skin trauma or discomfort
  • Mechanical thermal energy permeate deeper for better healing and skin regeneration
  • Thermal modalities used in the facial feel very relaxing on the skin
  • Great for those who find it hard to relax and prefer a less hands-on approach and prefer less facial massage techniques to be applied during treatment

Is there any negative to having an Oxygen Hydra Facial?

The only thing to consider is that as it is a Hydra mechanical facial the oxygen hydra facial is not a silent treatment as the vortex vacuum suction produces sound and both the aqua vortex vacuum peel cleansing and oxygen vitamin infusion part of the facial deliver a controlled wet sensation on the skin that initially may feel like a very different facial experience compared to traditional facials

Who would NOT be suitable for a Hydra Facial?

It is not recommended for sensitised skin with active acne lesions, rash, broken skin, sunburn or sensitised rosacea conditions.

It is also not recommended for anyone that prefer a more manual hands-on soothing and relaxing massage type facial, in this case, the Dermalogica ProSkin60 Facial would be a good alternative or a Karin Herzog Facial also available at Beauty Vibes.

Other conditions considered as to whether suitable to have a hydra facial treatment include, epilepsy, pacemaker, hearing aids and pregnancy.

Can I have a Hydra Facial if I have Botox or Fillers?

Yes but wait 2 weeks or have the Hydra Facial pre Botox/Filler treatment

What’s the difference between chemical peel cleansers and a chemical peel treatment e.g. Pro Power Peel?

The liquid chemical cleansers (i.e. Alpha [Lactic & Glycolic] and Beta [Salicylic ] Hydroxy Acids) used in the Oxygen Hydra Facial are far less concentrated.  The advanced exfoliation results are achieved by use of both the chemical hydroxy acid cleansers and the hydra vortex vacuum suction.

A Chemical Peel, on the other hand, is an advanced exfoliating peel treatment using potent peel formulas (Lactic, Glycolic & Salicylic) that do not require any additional vortex vacuum device technology or other to effectively peel the skin as they are highly active and concentrated and once applied to the skin will take the PH of the skin from its normal mildly acidic 4.5-5.5 PH balance down to 1.0-2.5.  At this more acidic level the exfoliating agents (Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids +) in the peel cause a superficial shock to the cells causing old skin cells to be easily shed.

*It is worth noting that it is recommended that the skin has become acclimatised to a less concentrated formula from both a physical and a chemical exfoliating process prior a pro power chemical peel treatment and for this reason, a 24hr patch test is recommended prior a Pro Power Peel treatment to test skin tolerance and sensitivity to the individual highly active peel formulas.

For optimum peel results consider having an Oxygen Hydra Facial or ProSkin60 first to decongest the skin and boost hydration levels as the better the condition of the skin the better it will receive the efficacy of the chemical peel and deliver faster-desired results for clearer skin radiance.

*For more information about Pro Power Chemical Peel available at Beauty Vibes click the link here  

What’ s the difference between a 30min Hydra Facial and a 30min Chemical Peel?

The 30min chemical peel treatment focuses on resurfacing the skin only and uses highly concentrated formulas to exfoliate the skin to encourage speedy skin cell renewal thus improve acne, ageing and hyperpigmentation skin conditions. Whilst a 30min Hydra Facial is a mini facial treatment that focuses on deep cleansing & decongesting skin and provides general hydrating skin conditioning benefits for an overall improved smoother, hydrated and healthier skin function

What are some of the skin benefits can I expect after an Oxygen Hydra Facial?

  • Improved hydration levels,
  • Improved texture and tone of skin
  • Improved barrier lipid layer
  • Healthier skin
  • Clearer, smoother looking skin
  • Skin more balanced – oil & sebum production regulated
  • Deconjested, purified skin
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Buffed out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firmer looking skin
  • Dewy & Radiant, Glowy Skin


* A bespoke treatment plan and recommended products to use at home will guarantee the best possible results and maintenance!!

To access info about the different Oxygen Hydra Facials available at Beauty Vibes click the link here

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