Gel Polish Rules

For the record Gel polish does not ruin nails but breaking the rules that apply whilst wearing gel polish will!!

Take a look at the list in the pic below and see if you are guilty of any..

Gel Polish Rules


Peeling off gel polish destroys nails completely as it takes layers off the nail bed so no matter the temptation avoid, avoid, avoid and rather have them removed properly either at the salon or by soaking them off at home using acetone based polish remover that will remove gel polish from the nails effortlessly.

Also worth mentioning Beauty Vibes does not charge for gel polish removal with a gel polish re-application (if your gel polish was applied at Beauty Vibes) so no excuses for missing appointments and peeling polish issues!!

If however you have been peeling off gel polish and your nails are de-hydrated and now look delaminated, there are solutions to remedy damaged nails back to health and one solution is treating you nails to a professional “IBX” nail treatment.

A single IBX treatment will boost the nails with strength and lock in hydration whilst a course of IBX treatments is recommended for very badly damaged nails.

To read more about the ‘benefits of IBX and how this professional nail treatment can nurture and restore your natural nails back to optimum health click the Nail Repair Treatments tab in the link provided below;

September 19th, 2018|Blog, Nail Integrity|

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