Beauty Vibes has worked diligently during the salon lockdown period to update its already rigorous sanitation and hygiene standards and implement new policies and procedures to promote the health and safety of its customers and staff.

We will continue to monitor closely the Health & Safety policy regulations required of us in the beauty industry for the safe operation of our practice and will update accordingly our policies and procedures as required and in accordance with government guidelines.

Under the current government Social Distancing requirements for your added safety and re-assurance the guidelines outlined below are new protocols that you should expect to see implemented when visiting Beauty Vibes post lockdown.

  • Social Distancing of 2 feet within the salon communal areas;
  • Individual customer appointments staggered to avoid any two Beauty Vibes customers being on the salon floor or in the waiting room area the same time;
  • ‘Pre-Booked’ appointments only to assist with salon social distancing control measures;
  • Touch greetings prohibited. No shaking hands, hugging or kissing salutations allowed.

In addition under the current Sanitation requirements, below is a list of our Hygiene & Sanitation protocols for both the ‘Salon’ and its ‘Service Provider’ that you can expect to see implemented when visiting Beauty Vibes post lockdown.


  • Daily Salon Deep Clean – sweeping, mopping, toilet, polish & tidy before opening or after closing.
  • Work Surfaces – disinfected before and after each customer.
  • Sterilisation – all non – disposable tools & equipment used in treatment cleaned and sterilised after each customer and packed in a sealed container until required again for use.
  • Storage – sterilised items stored away in sealed containers when not in use.
  • Treatment bed – this is protected with easy clean PVC covering with additional disposable paper towel covering on top . After treatment paper towel covering disposed of in the bin and PVC bed covering wiped down with disinfectant wipes after use.
  • Laundry – fresh laundered towels are provided per customer and only if deemed necessary to perform that treatment otherwise fresh laundry remains stored away in a sealed storage case.
  • Communal Areas (including waiting room area, kitchen & restrooms) – all hand railings, door knobs, light switches and toilets to be wiped down with disinfectant at least hourly.
  • Restrooms – the Beauty Vibes toilet on the ground floor will be cleaned at least hourly. For your added protection anti-bacterial wipes are also provided in the restroom to use at your discretion.

While our salon has always met stringent Sanitation requirements, we will now more visibly display these efforts and display additional signage for your comfort.

Heightened Salon Hygiene & Sanitation protocol

  • Waiting Room – No magazines, books and advertising reading materials allowed to be left in the waiting room area.
  • Refreshments – Will now be served in disposable cups.
  • Hygiene – facilities to wash hands are provided for in the beauty room and the kitchen where antibacterial soap is provided at the sink area alongside disposable paper towels which can be disposed of in the kitchen pedal bin afterwards.
  • Hand sanitiser – in addition to hand washing, hand sanitisers are provided for at the nail bar, beauty room and restroom.

Service provider

  • Will wash their hands for a minimum of 2 minutes before and after each treatment/service
  • Will wear mask during all treatments as an enhanced safety measure
  • Will wear salon uniform on the salon floor only and freshly laundered at the end of each shift

In respect of the salon’s heightened hygiene & sanitation standard processes:

What we ask of you when visiting our salon post lockdown

  • Refrain from visiting the salon if you or a household member have a fever, COVID-19 symptoms or a communicable illness or if you are under an isolation or quarantine order/directive. *To view the Pre-Screen Covid-19 Self Checklist click the link here
  • Pre Book your appointment – either online or via telephone. *No random walk in appointments!
  • Wear your mask – to your appointment and continue to wear it through communal areas in the salon. If your treatment does not involve the nose and mouth area you are encouraged to wear it throughout your treatment. *If you don’t enter the salon wearing a mask, one will be provided for you during your treatment.
  • Sanitise hands on arrival to the salon please sanitise your hands and before touching any communal areas. *In addition to this it is recommended you try not to touch communal surfaces unnecessarily.
  • Wash your hands for a minimum of 2 minutes before your treatment. Disposable hands towels will also be provided
  • Mobile phones – we recommend you do not handle your mobile phone during treatment. *If your treatment will be longer than 30 minutes we will encourage you to place it in our UV sanitiser box for 30 minutes before using it in the salon.
  • Garments/Clothing – if removed will be required to be stored in a sealed plastic bag or tucked into your own personal bag during treatment.
  • Payments – to minimise risk we encourage you to *prepay your appointment when booking online. Alternatively card payments are also accepted.
  • Appointment reminders – if you would like an appointment reminder of your next scheduled appointment this will be electronically sent to you on the day as opposed to written hand card appointment reminders.

Our passion is to be of continued service to you. We thank you for your custom and support and we look forward to resuming operations once again.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact patricia@beautyvibes.co.uk

To book a beauty treatment, please click on the ‘Book Now’ button or call 07780982257

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