The secret to healthy nails

So many times I hear customers say to me that Gel Polish has ruined their nails..

Well here’s a little blog post to clarify that Gel polish will not ruin your nails however this is subject to you doing one small thing every single day you wear polish and that one thing is..

Applying ‘Cuticle Oil’ at least once every single day you wear nail polish and in particular ‘gel’ polish.

Cuticle Oil

So why is cuticle oil so important??

In a nutshell cuticle oil is a Superfood for nails and the conditioning ally to nail polish. Just like for hair, Shampoo and Conditioner pair together so too for nails should cuticle oil and nail polish.

Because gel polish in particular is designed to adhere to the nails for longer (eg. 2 weeks or in some cases even longer as opposed to regular polish which lasts for up to 7days), the longer polish stays on nails the more nails are prone to de-hydration which leads to weak, brittle and split nails.

Prevention is always better than cure and the best way to prevent de-hydration and further damage to your nails is to apply cuticle oil every day.

The cuticle oil is purposefully made up of a blend of various essential oils and vitamins essential to feed and nourish nails beds and condition the delicate skin around the nails and because it’s an oil its small molecular structure penetrates fast to remedy and maintain hydration levels supporting the general health of the nails.

It is worth noting that the more Hydrated and healthy the nails are, the less prone the polish is to chipping!! And also worth mentioning that when it comes to removal the gel polish is much easier to remove when the nails have been regularly conditioned with cuticle oil.

*Cuticle oil should always be used in addition to hand cream.  (Hand cream for hands and cuticle oil for nails and cuticles!!)  A few drops of cuticle oil however can also be dropped into the hand cream to boost the hand cream itself thus making it a very hydrating hand cream elixir indeed!

*Regular use of cuticle oil will transform your nails for the better and prolong the longevity of your polish so do your nails a favour and make it a habit today!!

Click here to learn more about general ‘Gel Polish Rules’

September 19th, 2018|Blog, Nail Integrity|

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