Winter Skin Symptoms??

Protect your skin against extreme weather conditions with Karin Herzog..

In colder climes skin needs additional nourishing in the form of vitamin enriched oils or creams to maintain the skins natural moisture levels.

Vita Kombi Oil and in particular Vitamin H Cream are especially effective at providing protection from exposure to damaging environmental factors and severe winter conditions.

15ml – £39

Vita A Kombi Oil

Nourishes skin without greasiness, heals dry and dehydrated skin conditions

Formulated with a blend of plant and seed oils enriched with Vitamin E and highly concentrated Vitamins A this anti aging oil boosts collagen production, nourishes and revitalises fatiqued skin to maintain a healthy radiant complexion

How to use:

Apply a few drops to clean dry skin allow to penetrate

For maximum benefit use under any of the Karin Herzog oxygen products to deliver the vitamin enriched oil deep into the skin


Vita A Kombi Oil is very versatile.  Use it under eye cream or on the lips to plump and hydrate.  It can also be rubbed into nail beds for supple and healthy nails



50ml – £66

Vitamin H 

Formulated with powerful vitamins H and complex B vitamins, Beta Carotene (source of Vitamin A) and Soy Proteins these nourishing ingredients help correct conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema as the vitamin enriched complex helps to reinforce the skins natural defences, replenishes lost moisture levels in the barrier lipid layer of the skin, restores elasticity, firmness, softness and comfort to the skin

How to use:

Apply once a day preferably in the morning.  Apply a thin layer to face and neck and massage into the skin.  For optimal results follow by application of Vita A Kombi cream.  The oxygen in the Vita A Kombi cream will facilitate absorption of the vitamins and proteins deep into the skin


Vitamin H cream is a go to day time moisturiser to use on Ski Holidays to protect skin from wind burn and extreme harsh environmental winter climate conditions

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January 13th, 2019|Blog, Karin Herzog|

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