Provides skin healing benefits – Restores, Revitalises, Rejuvenates

LED Light Therapy is usually applied at the end of the facial treatment as a resting phase of the facial providing enhanced skin benefits.

LED works by emitting different coloured infrared lights at different wavelengths which penetrate the skin at different depths and prove beneficial to treat different skin issues such as acne causing bacteria, sagging skin, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation etc.

Depending on your skin condition LED Light Therapy provide varying healing benefits as follows;

Red LED Light  – Rejuvenates premature & ageing skin

Boosts cell activity, collagen and elasticity production, improves blood circulation providing overall enhanced results for firmer more dewy, radiant skin results

Blue LED Light  -Anti Bacterial

Neutralises acne causing bacteria and inflammation provides overall enhanced results for clearer skin

Purple LED Light – Skin Rejuvenation for acne scarring

Improves PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation i.e.-Acne pitting marks)

Green LED Light – Skin Balancing

Improves cell metabolism, normalises oil gland secretions, helps to even out the complexion for more even toned skin, lightening and brightening skin effects

Cyan & Yellow LED Light – Redness Reducer & Skin Soother

Provides calming and soothing skin healing benefits for irritated and sensitised skin types and inflammation from Rosacea and supports in reducing the size of swollen capillaries

White LED Light – Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening removes freckles

LED Light Therapy is included in the advanced facial treatments available at Beauty Vibes or  *consider a 10 minute LED Light Therapy optional add on with any alternative facial treatments available at Beauty Vibes for enhanced skin results