Pre Treatment Advice – Semi Permanent Lash Extensions


Having a full set of Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions applied is an extremely relaxing experience.

The appointment should take up to 2 hours and will require you laying on your back in a still position for the duration.  Your eyes will be gently cleansed to remove natural oils from the eyelashes and the lower eyelashes will be covered with pads to protect the bottom lashes and prevent top and bottom lashes from sticking together.  Once these pads have been applied your eyes will be required to be closed throughout the process until the treatment ends.

As sharply pointed precision tweezers are used for the application of the extensions and for general health & safety reasons, talking is not permitted during the process.

*To ensure you have the ultimate relaxing lash experience within the required time it is recommended you read and follow the pre-treatment advice as detailed below.  Adhering to these guidelines will greatly assist your mind and body to completely relax and minimise cause for disturbance during treatment.

24 hours prior to your appointment; 

  • Do not wear waterproof mascara.  If you have been wearing it please ensure it is completely removed.
  • Any previous lash extensions or tracings of glue must be completely removed

On the day of your appointment: 

  • Do not wear mascara.
  • Do not wear eye shadow makeup
  • Avoid applying oily products or heavy creams on your lashes or around your eyes
  • Contact lenses must be removed prior to the treatment
  • Do not consume energy/caffeinated drinks as you will not be able to relax during treatment
  • Do take a comfort break prior treatment to avoid interruption during treatment
  • Do switch your phone to silent as talking or taking calls or opening eyes is not allowed during treatment
  • Ensure you have allowed adequate parking time for your appointment

For general post-treatment ‘Semi-Permanent Aftercare Advice’ please click the link here to access




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How to look after your Semi Permanent Lashes

General Aftercare at home

For each eyelash extension treatment there will be many individual lashes applied.  *We apply approximately 100 extensions to each eye

It is normal to experience the loss of a few lashes during the first 24 hours while the adhesive is setting and extra care should be taken during this period.

The longevity of your lashes will depend on your adherence to following the recommended aftercare advice and keeping your lashes clean.


*For best retention please follow the advice below:

  • Avoid getting lashes wet for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid sauna and steam for the first 48 hours.
  • Do not pick, pull or rub your lashes as this will damage your natural lashes.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers when wearing eyelash extensions this will break the extension and damage the natural lashes.
  • Do not apply mascara, liquid/crayon/gel eyeliner as these are oil based products and will inevitably break down the adhesive causing the extensions to fall off and it also prevents you from cleansing properly, potentially leading to risk of eye infection.   * Recommend swapping eyeliners with eyeshadow powder and applying it with a damp shadow liner brush to achieve dark liner effect
  • Avoid using any oil based cosmetic products around the eye area.
  • When using your normal skin care products take care they do not contain oil.
  • Avoid using cotton wool to remove any eye make-up.

Lash Hygiene

It is so very important to keep lashes clean not only will they look better but they will last longer and most importantly keep eyes healthy.  By not cleaning your lashes you are leaving yourself prone to developing eye infections, as your lashes will collect residues of dust, pollution, make-up etc. and dirty lashes can cause bacteria which leads to infection so to avoid this your lashes need to be cleaned regularly.

If you suffer from hay fever or similar allergies, regular cleaning may alleviate symptoms. The skin around the eye area naturally secretes oil.  Oil is one of the biggest factors to cause premature loss of extensions. Constant neglect of your lashes will result in increased sensitivity and a higher chance of you developing a full allergy which would deem you unsuitable for eyelash extensions again.

* To maintain great eye health and best retention cleanse your lashes 2-3 times a week with a specifically formulated lash cleanser to effectively remove oil and debris

Cleaning Instructions

  • Using the recommended cleanser, (see below details for product info) dispense a small amount and work the solution through the lashes from root to tip with the lash cleansing cloth or lash cleansing brush using gentle circular downward movements and ensure you sweep under the water lines.
  • Rinse lashes thoroughly with cool or warm water.
  • Using a clean, dry towel gently pat the lashes with your eyes closed to remove excess water (DO NOT RUB LASHES)
  • Gently brush through the lashes with a clean mascara wand (provided), first downwards with eyes closed and then upwards with eyes open.
  • Either leave lashes to dry naturally or you can use a hairdryer on a cool setting only
  • Brushing at regular intervals throughout the day will also give longevity to your lashes.


Your lashes should look full for the first 10-14 days.

Just like nails, your natural lashes grow, so they will need a maintenance appointment every few weeks to keep them looking their best.  On average we naturally lose 2-5 natural lashes per eye, per day, so after 7 days you will lose 21 extensions, 14 days 42 extensions, 21 days 63 extensions.  As your natural lashes begin to drop naturally, the extensions will start to look less full. This is the time when you should book a maintenance session to replace the fallen lashes.

*You will require regular 2-3 week Infill appointments to keep your lashes looking their best.  This is a natural cycle and will enable you to wear individual eyelash extensions indefinitely.

Infill Appointment

At an Infill appointment, we replace the extensions that naturally shed with your natural lashes.

The amount of lashes that will need replacing may vary depending on your natural shed lash cycle, your at-home lash care maintenance and lifestyle. Eg. If you are a regular swimmer or sweat excessively either if hormone-related or via vigorous exercise gym sessions then lash retention will be compromised.

Dependant on individual lash shed the average time required for an infill appointment will vary from 1-1.5 hours.

To maximise on the time required to infill your lashes it is expected that you arrive to your lash appointment with lashes in the expected condition ready for lashing.  I.E. Clean with no residue of makeup, eyeliner or mascara.

*Lash extensions with mascara will mean a complete removal of lash extensions required and full set extensions re- applied.  This means added time and expense to your lash appointment and a possible reschedule for the re-application!


If you wish to have lashes removed please contact the salon to arrange for them to be removed professionally and safely for you.  The removal procedure is gentle and will not affect your own lashes.

*Please Do Not Attempt to remove them at home

Professional Lash Extension Aftercare Products (Retailed at Beauty Vibes)

Lash Perfect Cleansing Cloth – £8

This is the perfect soft gentle cleansing cloth that should be used every time to cleanse your lashes.   A section of the cloth can be cut and re used.  As it’s the eye area you only need cut small squares and then these cut squares can be washed after use under the tap using anti bac soap and then left to dry.  Coupled with the Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, this cloth is the ultimate investment for great eyelash cleansing!




Lash Perfect Gentle Eye Make- up Remover – £13

The Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover is oil free and will not break down lash adhesive bonds.  Lashes should be cleansed with this solution using a damp lint free cloth.



Lash Perfect Finishing Glaze – £19

This acts like a hairspray on the lashes and can be used daily to groom your lashes into place.



Lash Perfect Ultimate Black Mascara £13

This is an oil free mascara and recommended for use if you intend to wear your lashes for a one-off special occasion and do not intend to follow up your treatment with regular infill treatments.  The mascara will help to fill in the gaps as you start to loose your own lashes while new ones are pushing through.  Because the mascara is oil free it will continue to give longetivity to the remaining lashes without breaking down the glue bonds.

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Christmas Gift Ideas from Dermalogica 2019

Ho Ho Ho

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on our shelves here at Beauty Vibes with amazing value for money gift ideas from Dermalogica.  The below items are currently available to purchase from in store and are only available for purchase while stocks last!!


"Live your best life in your healthiest skin"

“Live your best life in your healthiest skin”

This ‘Ultimate Cleanse and Glow Trio’ Gift Set

Packaged in a Dermalogica branded box with tissue paper, ribbon and gift tag.  It includes 3 full sizes;

150ml PreCleanse + 250ml Special Cleansing Gel + 74g Daily Microfoliant

*Suitable for all skin types this is the ultimate gift set for ‘Hero product skincare Cleansers’ to achieve healthy and glowing skin and is also the ultimate in Savings to be had if considering professional skincare as purchased individually these items would add up to a total cost of £129 however this generous boxed Christmas gift set retails for just £85!!

Skincare that lifts you

‘Be Radiant’ Gift Set – “For Skincare that lifts you!!”

Suitable for all skin types but in particular dry, dehydrated or skin prone to redness and dilated capillaries.

Contains the very popular Biolumin C serum 30ml (retail value £81.50) and 3x Rapid Reveal Peel (worth £25)

Biolumin Vitamin C serum has a very radiant effect on skin and also reduces signs of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and strengthens skin defence against environmental skin stress triggers such as UV, pollutions etc.  Rapid Reveal Peel is a clinically graded at-home skin peel to resurface and speed up the skin renewal process.  *This truly is the ultimate gift set for anyone concerned with ‘antiageing’ and at amazing value at just £78!!


Daily Microfoliant – Everyone’s favourite and at just £13.50 this travel size festive package makes for the perfect stocking filler or a secret Santa gift idea



*Many other, non-christmas packaged skincare products are available to purchase from in-store.


Until 16 Nov 2019 get 20% OFF selected ‘Facial Skincare Products’ and 60 minute ‘Facial Treatments’. For more details on this very Special Offer click the link here




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Recommended Revitalising Skincare products

 *When used daily these recommended products will help to smooth and brighten, lift and tone, hydrate and provide overall sustained nourishment and protection and ultimately ‘Renew and Reawaken’ Skin

Active Cleansers

*Dermalogica – Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

Contains 5% Lactic – Lactic (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is a powerful and hydrating skin exfoliator effectively rids dulling surface dead skin cells and speeds up the general skin cell renewal process..  *Use once a day either morning or pm for smoother, brighter-looking skin


*Dermalogica – Daily Superfoliant – This invigorating anti pollution powder exfoliant is packed with an effective combination of active ingredients – alpha/beta hydroxy acids and enzymes that effectively resurface the skin thus speeding up the skin cell renewal process.  When used daily skin is smoother, brighter and radiant.

Skin Replenishing products

Toner – Replenish skin after cleansing with Toner  to rehydrate and tighten pores

*Dermalogica – Antioxidant Hydramist –This potent peptide formula has a firming and lifting effect on skin and provides an antioxidant shield to help fight off environmental skin stressers *Carry this around with you and spritz throughout the day for added hydration and protection

Serums – Treat and correct skin concerns with peptide potent serums

*Dermalogica – Phyto Serum –  Formulated with advanced biomimetic peptides to reinforce antioxidant protection for the skin.  This remarkable dual phased serum lifts, firms and plumps skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. *Use this day and night (before moisturiser) for luminous skin radiance and visible lifted effects on skin


Facial oils – Boost and maintain skins healthy hydration levels with nourishing and protecting facial oils

*Karin Herzog – Vita-A-Kombi oil – Formulated with a blend of plant and seed oils enriched with Vitamin E and high levels of Vitamin A this anti-ageing oil boosts collagen production, nourishes and revitalises fatigued skin to maintain a healthy radiant complexion

Moisturising Products

Eye Creams

*Dermalogica – Multivitamin power firm – Antioxidant vitamins provide nourishing protection whilst silicone and red seaweed extract firms skin. *Use night and day around the delicate eye area to hydrate and smooth fine lines

*Dermalogica –Age Reversal – Retinol eye treatment. Reverses multiple signs of ageing around the delicate eye area *Use at night on alternate nights for the first two weeks.

Face Creams

*Dermalogica – Skin Smoothing Cream – this advanced formula is vitamin enriched to provided lasting antioxidant protection and contains cross linked hyaluronic acid infusing skin with 48 hours of continuous hydration. *Can be used day and night


*Dermalogica – Skin Dynamic SPF50 – The advanced broad-spectrum SPF formula protects against and manages existing signs of pigmentation whilst stimulating collagen formation, elasticity and hydration levels to minimise the appearance of skin ageing.


*Karin Herzog – Vita A Kombi 1-  Formulated with 1% active oxygen and enriched with Vitamins A & E with prolonged use the complexion appears clearer with tightened pores and revealing nourished, radiant youthful-looking skin. * Use morning and night and apply with the Karin Herzog facial brush

Mid Season Special Offer

*Enjoy 20% OFF!! Dermalogica and Karin Herzog 60min Facials and Retail products until 16 Nov 2019!!!

*To book your 60-minute Facial click on the link here

**Offer on retail products available to purchase from in-store only!!

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‘Renew and Reawaken’ your younger looking skin!! 

With the summer season long over the damage from harsh solar UV rays can start to manifest on the skin come autumn in the form of dull, dry dehydrated skin. UV damage will have also accelerated collagen break down which leads to loss of skins elasticity and evident signs of pigmentation can mean an overall uneven skin tone.

As autumn temperatures continue to drop, central heating and colder temperatures can strip the skins surface drying and aggravating it even more.

*The solution is to find relief in professional skincare to repair UV damage, rehydrate and plump skin.  Consider products that contain a stronger percentage of active ingredients in cleansers and exfoliators and add serums packed with potent peptides and anti oxidant vitamins to your skincare regime to treat and correct signs of ageing, retexturize and rehydrate and ultimately prepare skin for winter.

*For a recommended list of key facial products targeted to boost skin cell renewal and replenish skin click the link here.  *When used daily these products will help to smooth and brighten, lift and tone, hydrate and provide overall sustained nourishment and protection for the skin.

To promote the ‘Renew and Reawaken’ theme on skincare this Autumn we currently have a Mid Season Special Offer on our Facials and Retail skincare products!!

The professional ‘Anti-Ageing’ Facial treatments at Beauty Vibes, focus on powerful skin resurfacing boosting skin cell renewal whilst the age reversal facial massage technique focuses on re-energising, lifting and toning the skin.  This invigorating 60 minute skin replenishing facial workout reveals smoother and firmer looking skin and overall skin clarity and radiance.

*ENJOY 20% OFF!!! all 60 minute Facials and Facial Retail Products until 16 Nov 2019!!!

NOW is a great time to avail of these savings and invest in your skin or stock up on your favourite products and with Christmas fast approaching to even consider gifting someone special this festive season to the gift of beautiful skin????)

*To book your facial click on the link here

**Offer on retail products is available to purchase from in-store only!!

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What is Henna?


The Latin name for Henna is ‘Lawsonia Inermis’ a plant that grows in India, Middle East and North Africa and is generally used to create colourful tattoo effects to decorate the skin.

PPD is the colour ingredient in Brow Henna.  It creates beautiful, colourful shades. The Black Henna is used in various countries to create temporary tattoos and can potentially lead to intense allergic reactions due to the percentage of PPD in Black Henna being high, from 8% to 29% after mixing with water. *The maximum amount of PPD in Supercilium henna powder is 1,5% after mixing with fixing lotion.

Skin Sensitivity Patch Test

As with all hair colourants a sensitivity patch test is required before having a Supercilium Henna Brow Treatment.  *This is done in salon 48hrs pre treatment.  To learn more about Henna Brow Treatments at Beauty Vibes click on the link here


October 3rd, 2019|Blog, General Info|

Introducing Supercilium Henna Brows

Take your Eyebrows to new levels with Supercilium Henna!!

Supercilium HennaSupercilium Brow Henna

Supercilium is 88% natural Henna. Cruelty free, vegan and produced in an ecological minded factory with a work-ethic that is focused on human and nature. Supercilium is made of the finest selected henna from India. It takes 5 to 20 minutes to develop and it leaves a tinge on the skin up to 2 weeks and on the hair for up to 6 weeks.

Supercilium Brow Henna colour palette

  • Blonde – Lightest skin tones
  • Golden Brown – Honey Blonde and Warm Blonde types
  • Light Brown – Blondes and Brunettes
  • Medium Brown – Brunettes and Mediterranean types
  • Dark Brown – Mediterranean skin tones and darker

Click the link to read more about What is Henna? 





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Physical or Chemical SPF – Which sunscreen is better??

In short, it comes down to preference! Both provide protection against UV Rays however it is worth knowing how they each work in different ways.

What’s the difference between a Physical Sunscreen and a Chemical Sunscreen?

Physical sunscreens reflect UV light and heat away from the body.  The formula usually contains more organic natural ingredients such as Zinc and Titanium Dioxide.  They can leave a chalk like texture on the skin and usually have to be applied more frequently.  They are a good choice for more sensitive skin types or recently resurfaced skin or those in general sensitive to light and heat with a skin type that is prone to redness, irritation or with a skin condition such as Rosacea, Eczema or Dermatitis.

Chemical sunscreens absorb UV light converting it into less harmful heat energy.  Chemical formulas include ingredients such as oxybenzone and octinoxate and because they are readily absorbed into the skin, unlike the physical sunscreen they leave no chalk-like residue on the skin and also require less frequent application.  Professional SPF products such as Dermalogicas chemical SPF formulations are formulated using what is known as, ‘UV smart booster/oleosome technology’, a process that allowed for SPF protection to increase to 50 without the need to use more chemicals thus, eliminating the irritation that can be found in some sunscreen formulas with a high Sun Protection Factor’s (SPF).

What is UV Smart Booster Oleosome Technology?

Oleosome Technology acts as a time release hence the term UV smart. The process involves microencapsulating a stabilised/active form of vitamins C & E for added booster protection.  Plant-derived oleosomes are loaded with the active sunscreen substance. The capsule remains inactive until UV light hits and only then it will burst into action to release antioxidants thus maximising solar defence against harmful UVA and UVB rays.  And another bonus to this technology is that fewer chemicals are required to achieve a high SPF50 so, in a nutshell, Oleosome Technolgy can provide antixoidant high factor protection without irritation to the skin.

Sun Exposure explained

Any time spent in daylight counts as time that skin is exposed to UV radiation.

Sunlight is comprised of varying wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, often referred to as the electromagnetic spectrum.

35% of this spectrum is visible light

60% is infrared (felt as heat)

5% is made up of ultraviolet (UV) rays

UVB (Burn Ray) – high energy / short wave – 290-320nm – penetrates the epidermis only

UVA (Ageing Ray) – slow energy / long wave – 320-400nm – penetrates 40 times deeper into skin!!

SPF numbers –what do they actually mean?

In a nutshell;

SPF 15 blocks out 94% of UVB

SPF 30 blocks out 97% of UVB

SPF 50 blocks out 98% of UVB

Any sunscreens that have a higher SPF number provide only marginal incremental levels of protection and usually require more chemicals in their sunscreen formulations.

SPF Numbers – how do they actually work?

The SPF number indicates how long it would take for UVB rays to cause a sunburn so, if for example, your skin would turn red in the sun after 15mins without Sun Protection this means that by applying, for example, an SPF15  this allows you to stay 10 times longer in the sun without the risk of burning (i.e. 150 mins in the sun before the need to apply more).

*No sunscreen provides 100% sunblock protection which means there is no such thing as a safe tan however on a positive note it also means that sunscreen protection will not inhibit the body to produce Vitamin D which is a common myth with sunscreen! So in other words “protected sun exposure provides all the Vitamin D an average person needs”(Quote – Dermalogica).

What is the best way to protect skin from harmful UV rays?

The best way to protect skin against solar damage and probably the most antiageing product that can be applied to the skin is a ‘broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen!!  Applying a daily dollop of broad spectrum UVA/UVB not only protects the DNA of skin cell but also protects the hydration levels of the skins barrier lipid layer otherwise known as the skins natural moisturising factor (NMF) against trans epidermal water loss. (TEWL)

UVB SPF (Sun Protection Factor) protects against the burn ray only and therefore should not be the only protection factor to be considered when choosing a sunscreen

UVA (Ultra Violet Ageing) ray makes up 95% of UV rays and penetrates 40 times deeper into the skin-damaging the dermal layer of the skin.  The damage caused to the dermal layer from unprotected UV exposure contributes to collagen breakdown and loss of elasticity whilst the surface epidermis layer will reveal signs of photoaging in the form of dry, dehydrated, fine lines, pigmentation – brown mottled discoloured spots on the skin and uneven skin tone which contribute to premature ageing.

*Both UVA and UVB rays generate free radicals and can cause skin cancer, so wearing an SPF that shields against both is crucial and this is in general what is meant by the term – Broad Spectrum.

Are all sunscreens the same??

Not all sunscreens are made equal! Whilst it is important to consider both UVB and UVA filter protection in the form of either a physical or chemical broad spectrum sunscreen there is yet another important factor to be considered which is the Infrared Ray (IR)

IR affects the immune system via oxidative stress.  Infrared ray with its ability to penetrate the epidermis and deep into the dermis layer of the skin generates Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS – also commonly known as ‘Free Radicals’).  Free Radicals increase dramatically during times of environmental stress.  This is known as ‘oxidative stress’ and has a very damaging effect on skin cell structure leading to inflammation, cross-linking of collagen (i.e. breakdown of collagen) and degenerative disorders, including skin ageing and disease.

Protective, preventative measures against the detrimental effects of infrared radiation (IR) is achieved via the use of antioxidants via both supplementation and also applying topically to the skin a product formula that is rich in antioxidants.

Fortunately, sunscreens have come a long way from their older greasy layer formulations that predominantly protected against UVB rays only!!

Todays professional formulas not only provide broad spectrum UVB/UVA protection but also have taken an advanced leap to provide protective SPFs that can, as well as addressing the structural manifestations of photoaged skin, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity they can and already have adapted to a much more advanced scientific approach that addresses the biochemical reactions that actually trigger the assaulting structural changes to the skin.  Eg. Dermalogicas ‘Age Smart’ range of products are formulated using this more advanced scientific approach.

In general, Dermalogicas professional various single formulation sun care products take into consideration sun protection that in addition actively treat skin issues ranging from sensitive to oily skin types and ageing skin concerns.

Advanced technology processes, such as Oleosome Technology provide stabilized microencapsulated vitamin enriched formulas that provide antioxidant protection against IR and UV pollution and Free Radical damage!!

What is the best sunscreen?

In a nutshell, the best sun care protection formula you can apply to your skin is one that not just protects against UV rays but in addition protects against pollution, dehydration and free radical damage and ultimately can manage and treat specific skin concerns, such as oiliness, sensitivity or skin ageing.

Dermalogica have a variety of SPFs in both physical and chemical varying formulations and these are available for purchase within Beauty Vibes store.  To find out which Dermalogica SPFs are best suited for your skin type click the link here


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How to choose a Dermalogica SPF according to your skin type..

Meet Dermalogica the skin care experts that believe healthy skin care is not a luxury but a necessity!!

*In a nutshell the best sun care protection formula you can apply to your skin is one that not just protects against UV rays but in addition protects against pollution, dehydration and free radical damage and ultimately can manage and treat specific skin concerns, such as oiliness, sensitivity or skin ageing and ideally this is an all in one skin care product formula..

Dermalogica have categorised their wide range of products relating to specific concerns under the following categories;

Age Smart – treats Ageing skin concerns

Ultra Calming – manages Sensitive, Reactive skin types

Medibac – treats Acne/Breakout skin types

Powerbright TRX – manages and treats Pigmentation skin concern issues

Grey Line – addresses both Normal/Dry skin types and Normal/Oily skin types

Within each of these categories, there’s a relevant suncare moisturising product to address specific skin concerns whilst providing essential broad spectrum UV protection.  Below lists, some of the most popular requested SPFs from these categories and a brief description of the skin benefits they provide.  So depending on your main skin concern there is a Dermalogica all in one moisturising SPF product formulated to purposely serve your skin’s needs.

Ultra Calming – Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 – £46

For sensitive, reactive, recently resurfaces skin types – Provides soothing comfort to irritated skin

A light weight sheer physical moisturising SPF containing hyaluronic acid. This suncare product is formulated specifically for sensitive skin and without the need for chemical sunscreens.  The protecting formula contains natural mineral UV protectors in the form of micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and additional anti oxidants and botanical extracts and also a skin conditioning agent – Dimethicone help further protects the skins barrier lipid layer.


Grey Line – Prisma SPF30 – £58

Suitable for all skin types – *Preventative measure against skin ageing!

*Defends, Hydrates and Boosts skin luminosity

Dermalogicas latest scientific approach to suncare protection.  Prisma SPF30 provides the best in broad spectrum class chemical sunscreens including Avobenzone, Octisalate and Octocrylene. It is formulated to block 85% of pollutants* and by using intelligent drones to convert UV light into increased skin luminosity, boosting its natural radiance whilst optimising skin’s defenses.  It also contains Carbohydrate complex (Saccharide Isomerate) that binds water to skin like a magnet – providing all day long hydration!!



Age Smart – Dynamic Skin SPF50 – £66.50

Normal to Premature Ageing Skin – Manages photoaging skin concerns

This firming broad spectrum medium weight moisturiser -chemical SPF is formulated with oleosome technology which allow for optimum SPF performance while using fewer chemical sunscreens

The advanced formula helps defend against skin ageing triggers whilst stimulating collagen formation, elasticity and hydration levels minimizing the appearance of skin ageing.  *If ageing is your skin concern this is the SPF for you




Medibac – Oil Free Matt SPF30 – £46.50

Oily / Breakout prone skin – provides a skin mattifying skin protection layer

This broad spectrum, sheer and light weight chemical sunscreen contains oleosome technology – a sunscreen filled capsule that provides optimum moisturising and SPF protection benefits

The active ingredients within the formula treat oily skin type conditions as it regulates sebum production and absorb excess oils whilst antioxidants provide anti inflammatory properties.



Powerbright TRX – Pure Light SPF50 – £60

Manage and treats skin concerns for Pigmentation

A medium weight SPF moisturiser with powerful Oleosome encapsulated technology benefits the skin by providing increased SPF protection whilst using fewer sunscreen chemicals.

The advanced formula contains exfoliating and hydrating ingredients and peptides that help regulate melanin production and even prevent message signals that trigger the melanin synthesis process. *This product works hard to manage pigmentation skin concerns



*Beauty Vibes is both a retail and service provider for Dermalogica.  To enquire further about retail products available for purchase in store why not pop in or simply get in contact via email, phone or social media channels

For more general information about Physical and Chemical SPF formulations click the link here

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Seasonal Spring Shades

From CND – Chic Shock Selection


We have a wide colour choice available to choose from however these shades from CND Chic Shock collection prove very popular in Spring.  These shades are also available in Vynlux polish!!

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