3 Steps to Healthy Clean Skin!

Great skin starts with a great daily cleansing routine in just 3 simple but 3 very crucial steps..

Skip a step in the cleansing routine on a daily basis and over time you start to recognise that your mission for great skin health is being compromised and here’s why..

Step 1 – Pre Cleanse


Pre Cleanse £38.50

Purpose: To totally remove from skin the daily build-up of dirt, pollution and makeup and ultimately prepare skin for Step 2 – The Second Cleanse.

After the Pre Cleanse step – the Second Cleanse can effectively work at cleansing the skin cell follicles themselves without obstruction which without the Step 1 – Pre Cleanse process the second cleanser would be comprised in its ability to do this as effectively.

How to use:

Apply a small pump amount into palms of clean, dry hands. Apply to face, neck and decollete.  Thoroughly cleanse skin working product across the chest, up the neck and all over the face concentrating on groves of face eg. around nostrils and down the nose, work into the eyebrows, over the eyes and roots of lashes and take product up to the hairline.

Wet palms to emulsify the product and work over all areas again before removing thoroughly using dampened cotton discs.  Now skin is ready for Step 2 – Second Cleanse.


Step 2 – Second Cleanse

Special Cleansing Gel – £49.50

Purpose: targeted treatment cleansing to prevent or manage or treat specific skin concerns such as blackheads, congestion and blemishes, oily, dry or sensitised skin areas etc.

Majority will stop their cleanse routine after Step 1 however to properly manage skin cell impurities and aid skin cell purification and speed up cell turnover the Second Cleanse is a vital and necessary initial step to improve skin health.

The second cleanser should therefore be appropriately selected to serve a skin concern and should be worked into clean skin for at least 2 minutes before thoroughly rinsing off or removing with dampened cotton discs.

*Dermalogica range of cleansers with their varied formulations are targeted to treat specific skin concerns such as dry skin, reactive, sensitised skin, oily, combination skin, breakout skin and ageing skin showing signs of pigmentation.  Some have very active ingredients so it is imperative to use the appropriate cleanser that will benefit a particular skin concern. *For more information about Dermalogica targeted skin solutions cleansers click on the link here

 Special Cleansing Gel – A  purifying and soothing PH balancing cleanser for all skin types and combination skin.  View the – How to use – video by clicking on the link here


Step 3 – Exfoliate

Daily Microfoliant – £49.50

To keep skin looking young and fresh it needs to be exfoliated regularly.  This prevents a dulling effect on the skin which effectively is dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin.  Whilst not all exfoliators are suitable for daily use Dermalogicas’ Daily and Super Microfoliants are however ideal for daily use as they effectively micro exfoliate skin revealing smoother, brighter, fresher younger looking skin

View the -How to use – video by clicking on the link here


If short on time – add some daily microfoliant to the second cleanser and work into skin for 1-2 minutes before rinsing off



  • Always clean your face using warm tepid water and Never hot water as this strips the skin of essential moisture
  • Always follow the cleansing routine with Toner. *Toner should be considered as another skin conditioning treatment to be applied before serums and moisturisers
  • Always finish the cleansing routine with moisturiser and if it doesn’t contain an SPF consider to apply a light layer of SPF over moisturiser to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

* Dermalogicas’ SPFs are broad spectrum that protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and they have SPF formulations to protect all skin types including re-active, sensitive skin types, oily, breakout skin etc. For more information about Dermalogica various SPFs click on the link here

Or if you are still unsure what products are best suited to serve your skin why not pop in for a Free Skin Analysis and Consultation..

*Beauty Vibes is a professional treatment service provider and retail stockist for Dermalogica

**Currently there are some limited ‘Ultimate Cleanse & Glow Trio’ gift sets available containing full size bottles of Pre Cleanse, Special Cleansing Gel & Daily Microfoliant.

These trio cleansing skincare kits are exceptional value for money as they are priced at 3 bottles for the price of only 2!! To buy these 3 products individually it would total £120 however the Ultimate Cleanse & Glow Trio skincare box set is only priced at £78.50!

Please note there is a very limited amount available and when these sets are gone they are gone so a great time to treat yourself to the gift of great skin or birthday gift a friend or even your mum for Mother’s Day.

For more information about the Ultimate Cleanse & Glow Trio gift set click the link here


February 19th, 2019|Blog, Dermalogica|

New to our Treatment Room – Dermalogica Pro Power Peel 

Do you dream of smoother, fresher, more radiant and younger looking skin?

New from Dermalogica  – their latest peel innovation that replaces Bio Surface Peel.

The highly active ingredients in the all new pro power peel advanced formula works fast to speed up the skin cell renewal process that leads to brighter, smoother more radiant looking skin.

Pro Power Peel – Featuring Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids

These customised peel formulas are concentrated to target and treat skin concerns such as fine lines, pigmentation acne, or advanced signs of ageing

With an expected arrival to our treatment room in February the question is.. How ready is your skin to receive potential optimum skin benefits from an advanced exfoliation process i.e. a pro power chemical peel treatment?

To learn more about chemical peels and how to best condition your skin for a pro power peel treatment click the link here



January 22nd, 2019|Blog, Dermalogica, New Product|

Dermalogicas – Pro Power Chemical Peel

Dermalogica – Pro Power Peel

“The peel experience, redfined” – put simply this means that the all new advanced peel formulas featuring Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids can now be customised to target and treat individual skin concerns such as fine lines, pigmentation acne, or advanced signs of ageing.

The Pro Power highly active acid Peel complex works fast to speed up the skin cell renewal process that leads to brighter, smoother more radiant looking skin.

Before considering a pro power peel it is best to first consider the condition of your skin and how well it is currently acclimatised to receive an advanced exfoliating treatment, as this can greatly affect results achieved!

Perhaps a greater understanding of the peel process is necessary and if this is something you are considering the below information is a must read..


What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is an advanced skin cell exfoliation process formulated to break up inter cellular glue bonds that bond old dead skin cells together causing a speedy skin cell exfoliating process whilst accelerating the skin cell renewal process to reveal fresher, plumped, more hydrated radiant, youthful looking skin.

Some peels are classed as medical grade peels as they penetrate beyond the basal layer of the skin to reach the upper layers of the dermis or in some cases even the reticular dermis.  These peels treat severe cases of photoaging, deep wrinkles and scars and can only be performed by medical practitioners.

Dermalogicas Pro Power Peel is classed as a superficial peel as it works on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis – stratum corneum) and penetrates down to the basal layer of the skin (stratum germinativum) to treat skin concerns for acne, pigmentation and aging.

Why is a superficial chemical peel beneficial?

As we age the skin cell turnover process slows down dramatically from every 20 days in our 20’s to every 30-40 days by middle age.  The peel process is designed to speed up cell renewal and cell turnover to improve skin texture and appearance to reveal brighter, clearer, younger looking skin.  They are in essence an effective way to treat skin concerns such as pigmentation, advanced signs of ageing, acne and breakouts.

Who is it for?

Everyone can benefit from a pro power skin peel and the healthier the skin the less prone it is to experience an adverse reaction to a peel.  However thinner, sensitised, dehydrated skin types may be more sensitive to a peel as the peel can penetrate faster which can intensify tingling, stinging sensations.  It is therefore recommended that the skin has become acclimatised to a less concentrated formula from both a physical and chemical exfoliating process prior a pro power chemical peel treatment.

Skin Acclimatation

Prior to a Dermalogica Pro Power Chemical Peel treatment, a 24 hour patch test and skin analysis is required and to ensure suitability for treatment a consultation check list is also completed to rule out any possible contra indications to having a peel treatment.

From skin analysis, a preliminary facial treatment (eg. ProSkin30 or ProSkin60)  may be advised to better “prime” the skin, helping to prepare it for the high exfoliating activity of a chemical peel particularly if skin is new to peels or indeed even a professional facial treatment itself.   Either a 30 min or 60 min deep cleanse facial to remove excess sebum and blackheads for oily skin types or an exfoliating treatment to help slough away loose surface dead skin cells followed by a moisturising replenish deep treatment for drier, dehydrated or mature skin types would be recommended.

*In a nutshell the better the condition of the skin and it’s hydration levels the better it will receive the efficacy of the chemical peel and deliver for you faster desired results i.e  clearer, radiant skin

What is meant by an Adverse Reaction?

If the skin has not been suitably acclimatised an adverse reaction can occur either during or after the peel treatment.

During treatment severe tingling may be experienced which is too uncomfortable for the peel process to continue.  In this case the peel will be terminated and the skin will be neutralised returning it back to its normal PH balance.

After the peel process excess peeling maybe experienced.  This may happen if there is a lot of surface dead skin cells present prior to the peel or if the skin has diminished hydration levels .

*The best way to prevent an adverse reaction is to better prime the skin condition and improve its hydration level, both pre and post treatment.

PreCare advise is given pre treatment following skin analysis and a patch test. Professional treatment facial maybe advised as well as a professional at home skin care routine to help prepare skin acclimatise for the peel by exfoliating the skin and boosting skin hydration levels.

Post Care advise is given post peel treatment and a complimentary take home – Pro Power Peel Post Procedure Kit,  is prescribed to ensure correct skin maintenance to manage moisturise levels post treatment.

How does a peel work??

The peel formula is highly active and concentrated to take the PH of the skin from its normal mildly acidic 4.5-5.5 PH Balance down to 1.0-2.5.  At this more acidic level the exfoliating agents (Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids +) in the peel cause a superficial shock to the cells causing old skin cells to be easily shed (Desquamation) whilst simultaneously stimulating skin cell renewal.

The peel is also designed to be customised as there are different peel formulas designed to treat different skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation or ageing. For skin experiencing some or all 3 skin concerns they can be customised to target treat or wholly treat areas according to skin concerns.  This makes the peel very bespoke to individual skin concerns.

The peel is fast acting and depending on the skin tolerance 1-3 layers can be applied before commencing the de celerating skin neutralising process.

How long does the peel treatment take?

The peel treatment itself takes only 30 minutes however you can upgrade to a 60 minute peel treatment which will include a relaxing moisturising deep treatment to deeply nourish and replenish moisture levels in the skin.

What should my skin experience post peel?

Depending on the skins acclimatised condition pre treatment it may or may not experience the below side effects;

Day 1 – stinging, irritation, redness, swelling, dryness, tightness, peeling and scabbing

Day 2 – skin may peel or look darker

Day 3 – peeling may begin around the nose and mouth, followed by cheeks, forehead, jawline and neck

*The Pro Power Peel Post Procedure Kit prescribed should be used for 2-3 days post treatment and provided to help manage any of the above mentioned post treatment conditions by increasing hydration levels until the skin no longer experiences extreme dryness or sensitivity

How often can I have a Pro Power Peel?

For normal maintenance every 4 weeks apart

For skin concerns every 2-4 weeks apart

Pro Power Peel Availability

*Pro Power Peel Treatments will not be available until February 2019.  Watch this space for further notification or subscribe or email direct if you would like to receive first hand notification on when this treatment becomes available in February at Beauty Vibes.



January 22nd, 2019|Blog, Dermalogica|

5 Dermalogica essentials your skin needs right now..

Harsh winter climes and central heating environments can play havoc with the moisture levels in your skin however you will be surprised how easy it is to maintain a healthy radiant glow all through winter by incorporating these 5 essential Dermalogica products into your daily skin care routine that are targeted to protect the skins PH balance by protecting the outer layer of the epidermis against harmful UV rays and pollutants and that also will adequately nourish from within the skins barrier lipid layer by keeping it intact to maintain healthy moisture levels which otherwise if not protected could lead to dehydrated, scaly dry skin conditions, lines & wrinkles..


57g – £55

Daily Superfoliant – Skin Invigorating for smoother, brighter more radiant skin

This super powder exfoliant is packed with an effective combination of active ingredients – alpha/beta hydroxy acids and enzymes that effectively resurface the skin thus speeding up the skin cell renewal process.  When used daily skin is smoother, brighter and radiant.

How to use: 

Apply to clean skin. Wet hands and shake a teaspoon amount into palm of hand and mix to a paste. Work it on skin for 1-2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


 If short on time mix a pump of your usual cleanser into the powder paste this will transform your cleanser into a superfoliant cleanser.  Remove thoroughly and follow with your usual moisturising routine






250ml – £33

Multi Active Toner –  Protects, rehydrates, fights skin fatigue

Formulated with multi anti oxidants and humectants this potent anti oxidant toner protects skin against harmful extrinsic and intrinsic environmental factors eg. Damaging UV rays, harsh climate conditions and central heating whilst humectants attract moisture to the skin assisting skin to maintain its hydration levels thus diminishing any signs of skin dehydration. 

How to use:

 Spray directly onto skin after cleansing and before applying serums and moisturiser



 To prevent signs of skin fatigue, decant some into a travel size spritzer bottle and spritz your face throughout the day to refreshen makeup, re-energise skin, maintain UV protection and skin hydration levels






75ml – £42

Charcoal Rescue Masque – Detoxifies, brightens, invigorates and hydrates

This fast acting exfoliating, detoxing mask is ideal for rescuing, tired, lack lustre or dull skin

Formulated with alpha/beta hydroxy acids, enzymes that are effective at resurfacing skin cells, it also contains sulphur and kaolin effective at controlling sebum and detoxing the skin and Niacinamide that combats redness and congested pores.

Put simply it is the go to – all in one formula to address many skin concerns and serve all skin conditions

*Use this once or twice a week for general skin health maintenance and radiance

How to use:  

Apply to clean skin after cleansing. Allow to dry on the skin for up to 15 minutes, This allows enough time for the active ingredients in the mask to work on the skin. Rinse thoroughly and follow with toner and usual moisturising routine


Mask dries on the skin  – requires lots of water to remove thoroughly





30ml – £67.50

Phyto Replenish Oil – For Dewy skin  – Youthful radiance               

This feather light oil readily absorbs into the skin.  Formulated with phytoactives that nourish and replenish skins moisture levels this multi vitamin formula smoothes away visible dehydration lines providing an all day protective dewy skin radiance.

How to use:

After cleansing and toning press 4-6 drops of phyto replenish oil into skin or mix a few drops into your regular moisturiser


Learn Dermalogicas techniques on how to perform a self facial massage routine as part of your skincare routine that will help boost blood circulation and revitalise skin by clicking on the link here 







15ml – £42.50

Total Eye Care SPF15 – The go to eye cream that ticks all the boxes to address many concerns with the eye area  

Formulated with SPF15 to manage pigmentation and protect against harmful UV rays it also contains Lactic (AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid) an effective skin brightening and hydrating exfoliating ingredient to maintain delicate eye area skin smoothness and the light reflecting ingredient Mica helps to disguise dark circles.  The formula also contains Bisabolol which helps firm and reduce eye puffiness


How to use: 

Apply a grain amount to each eye. Take it over the eyelid and gently pat under the delicate eye blending inwards from the outside eye corners


This eye cream is suitable for day use only. 




To enquire further about Dermalogica retail products available at Beauty Vibes click here 


Why not pop in store to discuss a tailored skin care plan to address individual skin concerns

To learn more about Dermalogica ‘Facials’ at Beauty Vibes click here or to ‘Book’ a Dermalogica Facial click here


January 13th, 2019|Blog, Dermalogica|

Celebrate & Glow – Dermalogica Holiday Gift Sets

Available for purchase at Beauty Vibes for a limited time only.  Choose from the following Dermalogica Holiday gift sets;


The Ultimate Cleanse & Glow Trio  

The Ultimate Cleanse & Glow Trio

Power Cleanse your way to radiant skin!

This must have product trio deep cleans and exfoliates for a lit-from-within glow.

price £78.50 (*To buy these individually would cost £120!!!)




Contains all full-size products.

Includes the perfect double cleansing regimen. The ultimate power cleanse experience

PreCleanse: *Deep-cleansing oil melts impurities and make-up from skin. As the first step in your Double Cleanse regimen, PreCleanse thoroughly melts away layers of excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, waterproof make-up, pollutants and products that build up on skin, allowing your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to penetrate even further for professional cleansing results

Special Cleansing Gel: *Soap-free, foaming gel cleanses all skin conditions. Refreshing lather thoroughly removes impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Daily Microfoliant: *Gentle, daily use exfoliating powder for all skin conditions. Unique Rice-based powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter.

How to use

PreCleanse: Dispense into dry hands.  Massage over dry face and eyes to dissolve surface oil and dirt. Emulsify with wet hands and rinse with lukewarm water.

Special Cleansing Gel: Gently lather a small amount of gel in moistened hands and apply to dampened face and throat. Rinse with warm water.

Daily Microfoliant:  Dispense about a half-teaspoon of Daily Microfoliant into very wet hands and create a creamy paste by rubbing hands together.  Apply to face in circular motions, avoiding the eye area.  Massage gently for one minute, then rinse thoroughly.

Tip: If in a hurry add a drop of Special Cleansing into the Daily Microfoliant paste  as an effective exfoliating double cleanse



Smooth Skin Favourites

Smooth Skin Favourites

Glowing skin in a flash!

Super-smooth skin starts here! This triple-treat set cleanses, exfoliates and continuously hydrates – giving you glowing skin in a flash.

price £30.50



  • Contains all 3 Dermalogica top sellers.
  • TSA-friendly travel sizes.
  • Great for all skin types.

How to use

Special Cleansing Gel: Gently lather a small amount of gel in moistened hands and apply to dampened face and throat. Rinse with warm water.

Daily Microfoliant: Dispense about a half-teaspoon of Daily Microfoliant into very wet hands and create a creamy paste by rubbing hands together. Apply to face in circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Massage gently for one minute, then rinse thoroughly.

NEW! Skin Smoothing Cream:  Apply over face and throat in light, upward strokes. Use twice daily, morning and night.  *This next-generation formulation features state-of-the-art Active HydraMesh Technology to infuse skin with 48 hours of continuous hydration and help protect against environmental stress.


Daily Glow Duo

Daily Glow Duo 

Cleaner and brighter skin every day!

If your skin had one wish, it would be to feel cleaner and brighter every day. Add these best-selling Dermalogica products to your regimen and consider that wish granted!

price £17.50



  • Precleanse Balm removes dirt, makeup, oil and sunscreen without clogging pores.
  • Daily Microfoliant reveals brighter, smoother skin.
  • TSA-friendly sizes, perfect for travel.


For more information ‘about Dermalogica’ click the link here

November 18th, 2018|Blog, Dermalogica|

About Dermalogica


Dermalogica believe that professional skin care is not a luxury!  They have developed a vast range of innovative formulas to manage and treat various skin types and skin conditions and have won 300+ awards for their revolutionary products and treatments which have all been researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute (IDI), based in California.


Having personally trained with this professional brand to Expert Level means that a Dermalogica facial at Beauty Vibes is no ordinary or generic type facial but rather a very bespoke and beneficial skin solutions facial treatment that is tailored to your skins needs.  Every time you book a skin solutions facial at Beauty Vibes both the acquired expertise in skin therapy and product knowledge are put to great practical use with the aim to work with you progressively towards a better skin health.


For more information about Dermalogica Facial Treatments available at Beauty Vibes click the link here


For the month of November we have Special Offer on all 60min facials. To view this ‘Special Offer’ click the link here 

To visit Dermalogicas official site click the link here

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